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Helpful Tips For A Strong Relationships With Your Recruiter

Know what you want.

Don’t come to your recruiter and tell them you want to be an airline pilot when your background has been working in sales and marketing for fifteen years, we’re are generally good at what we do, but are not miracle workers! At Stonefish we are happy to spend any amount of time with you and map a career but can’t necessarily help you achieve all of your goals.

Patience is a virtue.

As a candidate you should be aware that in some cases it takes a while to find that perefect role! If you are thinking of changing roles then you should contact a recruiter immediately, if they don’t know you are looking then it’s pretty difficult to find a role for you.

I don’t need a recruiter, I’ll just use the various job boards.

This is true, you could just use a job board; along with the rest of the population! Remember must recruiters that are successful have long standing relationships with many companies across their specialised industry. You would be surprised how many jobs are filled without them ever going to market.

Show me the money!

At then end of the day were are all looking for the little bit of extra money when changing roles and your recruiter will be gunning to get the best deal they can for you, just remember the market will dictate within reason what each position is worth not the recruiter. Remember the more you get…the more they get. They are on your side!

I didn’t get the job because of the recruiter.

A recruiter is given a job brief by the client who asks for a specific skills set or a certain type of person. If your skills match what the employer is asking for then your details will always be forwarded on to them and the final decision will be made by them. The recruiter will always have your back and be fighting in your corner. It’s in our interest!

I’ve got a job offer and I can do the negotiating.

True, but consider this, whenever there is money involved it can be quite emotional and discussions can be quite heated. Not a great way to start a working relationship. As a recruiter there is no emotion and the best deal for everyone will be negotiated.

I’ve got the contract and I’m out of here!

Always chat with your recruiter about how you intend to resign, do the right thing when you leave because you’ll never know when you might bump in to that same person. It’s a small world out there, you have been warned!

The Counter Offer

So you have been counter offered by your current employer, ask yourself this…why didn’t they offer you the money previously if you were a valued member of staff? It’s a fact that most people who take the counter offer will be out of the door within six months. Besides it’s probably already taken you the last six months to pluck up the courage to resign. Listen to your recruiter and they will guide you through this process.

So we are done?

No, make sure you maintain your relationship with your recruiter. They will be in touch with you on a regular basis to ensure everything is ok. If you have problems and don’t feel you can speak with your boss then this is your chance to do it. A good recruiter is worth their weight in gold, they live and breathe the markets they work in.